Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That figures.

So today's Suburban Fringe is all about how we don't get a spring any more in the Midwest; we just have winter and summer. I spend a great deal of time in the column complaining that we only had a few really nice days before the blistering summer heat settled in.

I went outside just now and lo and behold, it's gorgeous. Sunny, clear and about 75, I'd guess. In other words, the exact type of day I was saying doesn't really exist around here anymore.


Sometimes I think the weather is proof that God exists and that he is having a lot of chuckles at our expense.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you also a little disgusted with the weather forecasters? I am! Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be clear and sunny, except for Monday. Well, it was overcast and rainy the entire weekend. Last Saturday it was supposed to rain until 3 PM. I didn't see a drop. Maybe they are in cahoots with George Bush.
I hope you were able to enjoy your sunny Tuesday. I'm sentenced to hard time in a cubicle Monday through Friday, so I depend on nice weather in the evenings and weekends.
Thanks for making the other cubicle inmates wonder what the hell is so funny!

Bob said...

Christine, please stop leaving comments on my blog. You make absolutely no sense. Instead, please send me photos of yourself. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you weren't out side on March 24!!! Better do your research next time!!!

Christine said...

I’m just going to assume you were so impressed with my witty and coherent comment that your comment about my post making no sense is false, and simply an excuse to request photos of a woman who must be attractive because of her tremendous insight.

Bob said...

Christine - for the record, the person who posted on June 13 wasn't me. Someone apparently was having a bit of fun.

I would only ask for photos if you had started your post by saying "I am insanely hot and love to send photos of myself to people I barely know." In which case, come to think of it, I still wouldn't have asked, because such things might be difficult to explain to my wife, who takes quite nice pictures herself.

Actual Bob

Christine said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Actual Bob. I thought the response was a little out of character.

The evil Bob impersonator shall be cursed forever with hellish weather – unless he lives anywhere near me. If he does live near me, then let him be non-fatally struck by bolt of lighting in the buttocks, providing shame and moderate discomfort for several days. Come to think of it, scratch the first curse, and let’s just go with the bolt of lightening thing.

(I’m not saying that my pictures aren’t attractive, however.)


Bob said...

I'm cool with the curse and the bolt. It's all good.

mariachi band said...

"Actual Bob"

Yet another good band name.

Someone needs a new tag...