Friday, June 20, 2008

Sounds like I was right.

In this week's Fringe, I wrote about funny t-shirts and wondered if anyone actually wears them in public, despite the fact that retailers seem to keep selling them. My guess is that people only wear them at home, when nobody else can see. Sounds like I might be right. Check out this e-mail from a guy named John:

I'm totally with you on this, but even more so, I capitalize on it. I have two online websites selling funny shirts of my design. Mostly they are "reworkings" of other funny shirts I've seen, but some of them are 100% original designs. Some are just funny or popular quotes from movies and such. One of my sites is geared directly toward adults, the other is a more kid based store with funny shirts for babies and toddlers.Personally, I don't wear ANY of my shirts. I can never think of an occasion to wear a shirt that says "REAL MEN CHANGE DIAPERS", but I'll sell you one. The kid's shop is my big seller though. People are unreasonable when buying things for kids. They'll easily drop their cash in my mailbox for a witty shirt that their kid will fit into for exactly one month. It's ridiculous, but who am I to turn down their money. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that not even the people selling the shirts think that they're quality stuff. I mean, sure I'll feel proud of a particularly clever design or witty phrase, but I would never wear it.

And thus is my awesomeness once again entirely confirmed.


not ashley judd said...

I just saw someone wearing a shirt which said "Inside there's a skinny woman trying to get out (but usually the bitch will shut up if I give her chocolate).

Judging from the appearance of the wearer, I think the shirt is factually accurate.

kristen said...

my boyfriend is guilty of wearing such t-shirts. his favorite is a mr. rogers one that says, "it's good in the hood."

i think the people wearing these shirts are generally found on college campuses. :]

mariachi band said...

"Factually Accurate"

That's a fabulous band name. I'm totally stealing it.