Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This man would hate my column.

I spotted this story on STLtoday this morning. Considering the three words I use in almost every column are "like," "actually," and "awesome," I have a feeling that even a few paragraphs of any one of the Fringe columns would send him into a murderous rage.

I could probably give up "like," and maybe even "actually," but if you take my "awesome" away from me, I'll become a shell of a man.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Man vs. Hamster

If you haven't checked out yesterday's Fringe, you really should. (Click here to go read it.) I wrote about the hamster that lived in my office for a couple weeks, and I compared the hamster to my only previous office mate, my friend Dean. The folks at STLtoday thought it would be fun to run a poll letting people decide whether they'd rather have Dean or the hamster as an office buddy.

Thus far, the hamster is slaughtering Dean in the voting, but it's early. I feel a little bad for Dean, because I found the single most unflattering photo of him in my files and sent that one in. I envision many more votes today, because the column hit #3 on the most e-mailed list, and that's likely to drive more traffic to the column today.

Forget Obama vs. Clinton. This is the most interesting race of the week. It is for me, anyway.