Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I love me some Neil Gaiman.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman. Neil, in case you don't know, is one of the best writers of supernatural fiction working today. He made his mark writing the 90s-era Vertigo comic THE SANDMAN and is also the author of a number of most excellent novels (and big sellers) like AMERICAN GODS and ANANSI BOYS. If you want to know more about Neil, check out his web site and pick up, oh, just about anything he's written.

I'm mentioning him today because lately I've been reading old trade paperbacks of THE SANDMAN and am really loving it. It's creepy, twisted stuff. There's no way I could accurately describe the plot, but if you enjoy graphic novels - and even if you don't - I think you'd like it.

In one of those weird-coincidence type of things, I happened to finish watching Beowulf (the semi-animated film with Ray Winstone in the title role) this morning. (I watch DVDs on my laptop while walking on my treadmill at the crack of 5:45 a.m.) I got to the end, started watching the credits, and who was listed as the co-writer and co-producer? Yep. Neil Gaiman. No wonder I enjoyed it so much.

There's actually a remote chance that Neil and I may have something in common sometime down the road. His agent, Merrilee Heifetz, is currently reading my ACOUSTIC KITTY manuscript. I don't have a literary agent but very much would like to have one so I can have a shot at getting KITTY carried in bookstores everywhere. Keep your fingers crossed; Merrilee is, by all accounts, a fantastic agent, and I'd be very lucky to work with her. She also represents the bestselling author (and St. Louis resident) Laurell K. Hamilton, another crazy-good writer. Who knows if Merrilee will sign me, but heck, I'm honored to have her even consider the notion.

The moral of the story: read a lot, and when you do, find some time for Neil Gaiman stuff. And Laurell K. Hamilton, while you're at it. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed.


Moony said...

Best of luck with your book!

I attended a graphic novel seminar once and they touched on Neil Gaiman. Apparently he was the first to reach out to women with his graphic novels. This is a newer market that graphic novel agencies are trying to reach. That and the much younger generation. I'm attempting this myself with an author in Indiana. Wish us luck too! lol

Good luck getting that amazing agent. If you need some loopholes I know a few people who could point you in the right direction for finding someone to represent you.

I've met Laurell K. H. Great lady. Her husband is really nice too. She started into the comic industry herself not too long ago, but if I recall correctly, you already knew this. I prefer the books personally. I think the artwork is ok, but not at all what I picture when I read her books so I'm a bit disappointed. (Though I'm sure it's better than I could do at the moment.)

Bob said...

Thanks, moony. I appreciate the good thoughts. I have an agent reviewing the Kitty manuscript now, so hopefully she'll like it.

As for Laurell, I've heard nothing but good things about her. Hopefully I'll run into her someday. I tend to agree with you about the Anita Blake graphic novels - good, but not as good as the novels. The thing that bugs me the most about the graphic novels is that piece of hair that hangs between Anita's eyes in every single panel. Push that thing aside already, geez. It literally is an enormous distraction from the storyline for me.

Matthew said...

Ever read the Book Good Omens that he and Terry Pratchet wrote. Very funny story about angels, deamons, and the end of the world.

Matthew said...

Have you read Good Omens that Gaiman wrote with Terry Pratchett? It is one of the funniest books about Angels, deamons , and the anit-christ.

Bob said...

Yep - that was the first Gaiman book I ever read, and one of my favorites for sure...