Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hilarity. Nonstop hilarity.

Overheard this morning while buying a soda at a gas station convenience store:

Clerk 1: Hey man. Have you ever seen a Jenny McCarthy movie called "Dirty Love?"

Clerk 2: No.

Clerk 1: It is hilarity. Nonstop hilarity. Jenny wrote and directed it herself.

At that point I finished paying for my soda and left.

"Jenny wrote and directed it herself." Sweet mother of God.


Anonymous said...

Yet another sign of the apocalypse. This and that fact that the Cubs might go to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

how does it feel now that your column has been relegated to obscuridity by the brain-children over at stltoday, with the new redesign of that site? i bet it sucks. no more "most emailed story yesterday" honors. i cant even find your column half the time, the other half i forget its there because theres nothing on the Home page to remind me. and why wont they just print it in the regular paper? are they worried that you might over shadow their precious journalism with your snarky wit and necessary banal truisms, coughed up with a heavy dose of dork chic? i'm calling them right now.

mariachi band said...

Indeed, Bob, indeed.