Saturday, December 22, 2007

The internet is quivering with anticipation. Or something.

So this morning I filled out yet more forms related to the publishing of "Acoustic Kitty." The good news is that the book should be available to buy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers, very soon. Maybe even by right after Christmas. So that's pretty sweet.

The downside appears to be that every time I fill out one form, I find another waiting for me. It's the print-on-demand industry's equivalent of a clown car. Except the clowns ask you really hard questions, like "How would you describe your book? Answers cannot exceed ten words."

Yeah, ten words. They really made me summarize the plot of a 288-page novel in ten words. And see, unfortunately, this is where my novel is, I think, a little lacking. It's hard to get someone excited about it in ten words or less. Like, if my novel were a movie like "The Departed," I could have written "Undercover cop tries to stay sane while infiltrating the mob." Ten words, and you want to read more, right? Well, I would, because I love mob/crime fiction.

Here's how my ten words worked out: "Mixing cats and microphones isn't as fun as it sounds." See what I mean? Those ten words really aren't...hello? Are you still there?



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