Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I seem to have struck a nerve.

Wow, do you people hate the dining scene in West County.

I should say to anyone reading this post who isn't familiar with STL: you might wanna skip this one. My column this week (click here to read it) was all about how there are almost no good restaurants in my part of town. So if you don't know STL, this week's column and this post are mostly going to bore the nose hairs off of you.

Anyway, for those still with me: it seems that you agree with this week's Fringe. In droves. I must have received 30 e-mails yesterday - and that's a lot for me - and the deluge is continuing today. Keep in mind, most weeks I get maybe 10 e-mails in response to a column. This week I'm probably over 50 already, including the 20+ in my inbox this morning.

I thought this e-mail in particular, from a reader named Frank, raised a good point:

Now that you've "told it like it is" about the West County dining scene, you're probably flooded with e-mail from local restauranteurs inviting you to give their local beanery a try. Heck, they probably even sent you coupons for their signature specialties... dishes like Ham and Cheese Melt, made with genuine Spam and white Velveeta (err... provel, I mean) and topped with bacon crumbles, or a manicotti stuffed with ricotta and bacon crumbles, or jello salad topped with toasted coconut and bacon... I mean, seriously - these people will put bacon on anything and everything if you let them! Okay, so I enjoyed the column. Maybe next time you could try to convince someone to serve a real pizza in this town.

After reading this, I realized, Frank was wrong. I've only received one e-mail thus far from the operator of a restaurant in my area, and that one was from the owner of one of the places I complimented. I'd have thought I'd receive indignant responses from "overlooked" gems in my area. Nope. Lots of recommendations from readers, but that's it.

I'm excited to see, by the way, that the column is atop the "Most Forwarded List" on this morning. Thanks much to all who forwarded it - when the column hits that list, readership goes through the roof because lots of folks look to that list to see what everyone's buzzing about.

Thanks again for another good week, guys. If I get more interesting e-mail, I'll share. See ya.


Mark said...

Tucker's is one of the best places in St. Louis. It's right at 141 & Manchester.

Anonymous said...

JJ Twigs has the best pizza in the county - maybe even the entire area. Seriously. I'm a former city snob who believed Blackthorn to be the pizza king of stl, but JJ Twigs makes an exceptional pie. Right at Big Bend/Dougherty Ferry.

mariachi band said...

I agree, Bob. I used to live where you do and the only places that I miss are Tucker's, Carmody's and Sweet Pepper (which oddly enough, shares a building with Jiffy Lube in Ellisville). Carmody's is tasty, but perhaps too smoky and full of character for the children. Tucker's is all good, but crowded.
Just be glad you don't live in the no mans land further west where I have moved. You'd have to drive like an hour to get to the good stuff. Here beyone the bridges, going to a chain restaurant is your ONLY choice and there are people that think Red Lobster, or Red Robin for that matter, are the ultimate in indulgence and magical gastronomy.
You must, as I have, accept your fate or move. I think that it's worth it for my 3 year old to ejoy a good cheese plate from Brandt's and for her not to know that you can get cheeseburgers or fries from macdonalds. Great column, Bob.

Anonymous said...

Bob, Mi Lupita for Mexican New Ballwin Rd and Manchester Yummy!!!!

Skippy said...

"I mean, seriously - these people will put bacon on anything and everything if you let them!"

Frank says that like it's a bad thing!