Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Comic chicks rule.

So apparently when I wrote in this week's column that attractive women don't read comic books - excuse me, graphic novels - I apparently offended a couple hot chicks who read comic books.

So saith a reader named Gayle:

After reading your current column I felt compelled to write. As a woman (I'm 34) who isn't completely troll-like (I never even had acne) I felt a bit disheartened that you think other women don't read graphic novels. I read both, comic books and graphic novels. In fact, at the moment I am in the middle of reading "The Long Halloween". To perpetuate this idea that females (of any age) don't enjoy such literary gems is the reason that the 300 pound guy at the comic book store won't stop staring at me when I go in to shop. I'm certain that I am not alone. My problem is that my husband has no interest in them. I will try and get him to read some great Frank Miller Batman work and he turns back to his computer. I think that it is important that people such as ourselves revel in our geekiness. I don't think nerdiness is the proper term, I'm not a social retard. I'm not politically correct, either. I am a geek. I have Star Wars tattoos. Both of my cars have Star Wars license plates. One of my prized possessions is my Spawn #1. And, I can't hardly wait for the new Batman and Hellboy movies. Ironman, not so much.

Thanks for reading my blather. I just got your book. Too bad it isn't a GRAPHIC NOVEL.

As you can see, not only is Gayle "not completely troll-like," she is clearly way awesome, because she is a proud owner of "Acoustic Kitty." W00t!

Next up in the bashing line is Erin:

Man, I love your column, but sometimes you're just plain wrong. I write that with the maximum amount of respect and awe that my fingers can muster.

You see, I am a girl. Woman, I guess, but I'm 24 so I haven't been using that term very long. I was raised on comic books. My Dad read my twin sister and I things like Stuart Little and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right along with golden age Batman, Superman, and my personal favorite, several varieties of EC Comics. We grew up as regulars at the local comic show, where my Dad set up and sold almost ever month for about fifteen years. I own four boxes of single issues - my personal collection (not to mention the graphic novels and trade collections that I own). I have met the creator of the Green Lantern, along with many other artists and writers.

Where does the problem come in? I'm not, as it seems, a "a pimple-legged nerd-girl". Ew, I'm not even quite sure exactly what that is. Like I said, I'm 24, I'm cute, I work two jobs, I'm in graduate school to be an elementary school teacher, I have lots equally-or-more attractive friends, and my skin is totally clear.

So in conclusion, good for your wife for trying something new, but shame on you for making such a broad generalization (no pun intended)!

Ha, she said broad. But hey, any girl who knows who Green Lantern is, is all right in my book...

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Anonymous said...

Bob, any good woman knows her comics aka graphic novels. Comic relief again in Ballwin has a nice pull and hold feature and you get a discount!