Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Good lord.

Kansas won the NCAA basketball tournament. Wonderful. Maybe now the Bears will win the Super Bowl, the Cubs will win the World Series, and the sun will crash into my backyard. That would make the year complete.

If you ask me, any shirts or hats marked "2008 NCAA Champs" should say somewhere on them "Mostly 'Cause Memphis Couldn't Shoot Free Throws."

One more free throw, Memphis. One more freakin' free throw. Or just the foresight to foul the KU shooter before he could launch a three. Talk about giving it away. It was like watching Bucker give the World Series to those awful Mets in '86.

Ah well. Life goes on. Well, unless that thing about the sun happens.

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Dantaniel said...

And the Red Sox let Buckner back into Fenway this week after 22 years. This too is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Run everybody for your lives!!!