Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So far, not a bad Wednesday.

So things aren't too bad today. Well, the day is young, so you never know, but so far it doesn't completely stink.

This week's column is #2 on the most e-mailed list. Pretty excited about that - last week's debuted at #5 and ended up as high as #2. With a little luck, maybe this week's column will hit that magical #1 spot.

I know, this is really only exciting for me, and not such a big deal for you. But I appreciate your reading this far. And if you read yesterday's column and enjoyed it, I appreciate that as well.

I also found out recently that thus far I've sold 61 copies of "Acoustic Kitty" as of the end of January. I'll admit, that was a disappointing number. I guess I was hoping for sales of 150 or so in the first month. But, it is only the first month, and considering it's only being promoted through my column and this blog so far, I suppose I shouldn't be too discouraged. My goal is still to get it published through an actual publishing house, get a little distribution, and maybe sell a whopping 500 copies. We'll see.

I'm hoping that the book will be available at Left Bank Books soon. I dropped off a copy there last week, and they said they would likely offer it for sale, but that the person who handled commission sales there recently quit and hasn't been replaced yet. So I'm waiting for them to hire a new commission sales person. I'll be patient. If I do manage to get the book offered for sale there, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

That's it for now. Gotta dive in to work. If you haven't read this week's Fringe, which is titled "We Normal Guys Hate That Our Wives Dig the Bad Boys," go check it out. I think you'll like it.


mariachi band said...

Hello Bob! As soon as I get around to it, I'll make a note about it on my myspace page. You should put it on yours, too! I promoted my business there and I got some new clients that way. I'll be sure to mention that it is coming to Left Bank books, as well. Best of luck!

Lindy said...

Hey Bob, STLTODAY only keeps a handful of your back columns up for viewing. I wanted to show a friend a few of your early articles but I don't want to pay for them from STL's online archives. Can't you post them here?

Anonymous said...

You should make your next book a collection of your articles - ala Dave Barry, Mike Royko, or Gene Amole. That would sell lots of copies - perhaps you can get the Post Dispatch to do the publishing.

Meggie said...

You have at least one Acoustic Kitty sale already this month, and you can tell it was sold to a nerd: I asked for a copy from my husband for Valentine's Day! Anyway, my book arrived the other day, but he's a stickler and wouldn't let me open it yet. So I get it when I get home from school tonight. I'm looking forward to reading it - I've been a fan since I stumbled upon one of your Halloween costume columns in the fall during my Evidence class and burst out laughing in the middle of class!

Bob said...

Hi all - wanted to reply to these thoughts. First, I don't have a MySpace page. I probably should get one, but I barely can find enough time/energy to keep this blog updated on a semi-regular basis.

I doubt I'll be posting old columns on here. I'm not even sure I know how to do that on a Blogspot page, and the backlog of columns is over 300 by now.

Maybe if the folks at the Post are OK with it, I'll do a publish-on-demand thing with my old columns so folks can pick up a copy of all the ancient history. I actually asked about doing such a thing a while ago and never got a reply.

And thanks for putting Acoustic Kitty on your V-Day list, Meggie!

mariachi band said...

Oh, hell no, Bob. Someone is posing as you on myspace. Not like that person has decorated their page or anything.
The most magical thing about myspace is that it's positively addicting. You'll be there more than you think!
Good effort here on the blog!