Friday, February 8, 2008

Look at me, I'm Urban.

So I got an e-mail yesterday from a regular reader named Brian. He said that he had submitted the term "Man Mode" for addition to something called the Urban Dictionary. I'd heard of the Urban Dictionary, which is an online dictionary of all the words and phrases that people really use, but never show up in an actual dictionary. Examples include "January Joiner" (joins the gym in January; over it by February) and "Gangsta Lean" (a common driving position in which the driver holds the wheel with his left hand while leaning to his right toward the passenger seat, usually bobbing his head or bumpin' with the beat).

Anyway, so Brian said that he had submitted "Man Mode," a term I invented for this week's column, for addition to the Dictionary. Lo and behold, today it is an official listing. Check it out. Pretty cool. Not as cool as, say, landing a speaking part in the next Bond movie, but still kinda cool.

Essentially, I'm taking over the Internet, one page at a time. I figure I'll be done by the year 4472.

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